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By combining the influence of our members on social media we create a word-of-mouth network which is favorable for brand recognition and activation. We give our members the opportunity to be a part of their favorite brand and earn money. We are specializing in prospecting every social network and eventually link the right person to the right brand.

About us

What started as friends with a vision turned into Social Panda. We are build from the relationships between Social Media users and their audience online. This drove our talent-first approach , which we still live by today. We strive to help ambassadors accomplish their goals among a community of like-minded individuals looking to build a social media presence.

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Social Panda is home to social media users with a high following from around the world. Our ambassadors offer a line for advertisers to reach an audience of consumers across Social Media. Our approach to partners is simple: we offer content creation and hyper-targeted media solutions with social promotion, in an authentic and effective manner. Our relationships with famous social media users followed by millions, sets us apart in the industry by delivering unmatched engagement and guaranteed results.

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